Thank you for your interest in volunteering for this year’s 9NEWS Parade of Lights presented by American Furniture Warehouse! Below you will find the Volunteer Rules and Reminders and the Volunteer Application for this year’s parade. Please review the Volunteer Rules and Reminders carefully before proceeding to the Volunteer Application.

If you have questions regarding the Volunteer Rules and Reminders or the Volunteer Application, please call (303) 295-6330 or email volunteers@denverparadeoflights.com.



The Parade Management works with hundreds of volunteers from the community who assist with the operations of the Parade in numerous ways. The following are some rules and reminders about participating in the Parade:


All volunteers MUST be on time! It is essential to the functioning of the Parade and the the experience of the other participants that all volunteers arrive on time to their designated check-in area.

  • REMINDER: Plan ahead when determining transportation to and from the Parade staging area. Be prepared for road closures and know in advance what parking structures and public transportation options will be accessible to the public.


All volunteers must be prepared to fulfill the duties outlined in the Volunteer Assignment. If you cannot fulfill the assigned duties outlined for any reason, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator immediately to be re-assigned to a more suitable position. Re-assignments are only possible with notice to the Volunteer Coordinator at least 10 days prior to the Parade.

  • REMINDER: The Parade route is approximately two miles in length and will take one hour to travers. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator BEFORE you receive your Parade assignment if you are unable to physically walk the Parade route to determine if there are other volunteer opportunities available.
  • REMINDER: Volunteers must be available for approximately five hours on each day of the Parade. Most volunteer shifts begin between 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on Friday and between 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Saturday.


No food or beverages are are permitted once a volunteer is in costume. The Parade will provide snacks and beverages following the parade.

  • REMINDER: Volunteers are permitted to bring snacks but must be finished consuming any and all food before getting in costume.


All volunteers must be dressed as indicated by their assigned position and MUST wear closed-toe shoes.

  • REMINDER: The Parade will take place even in inclement weather! Volunteers must be prepared to fulfill their assigned duties whatever the weather situation.

Zero Tolerance Policy

The Parade has a no tolerance policy alcohol, drug (including marijuana), and smoking policy. Any volunteer suspected of violating this policy will be removed by the Parade Management. Decisions regarding volunteers suspected of violating the no tolerance alchohol and drug policy will be made by Parade Management at their sole discretion.

Management Policy

The Parade Management reserves the right to make decisions onsite that they determine to be the best fit for the Parade and the safety of those in the staging area and on the Parade route. This includes making volunteer assignment changes at any point in time, both leading up to the Parade and onsite. All Parade Management decisions are final and at their sole discretion.


Balloon Handler (ages 18 and up)

A group of 14 - 36 volunteers work together as a team to maneuver and move a giant helium balloon along the Parade route. This volunteer position can be physically strenuous. Volunteers will be rotated on and off balloon tether lines as needed. Training will be provided on-site.

Banner Carrier (ages 14 and up)

Volunteers will be costumed as elves and assigned in pairs to carry a framed banner preceding each Parade unit.

Costumed Character (ages 11 and up)

While no theatrical experience is needed, you can’t be shy in this volunteer position! Volunteers dress in a costume provided by the Parade and have their faces painted to correspond with the costume, making the character come alive along the route. Costumes include gift packages, toy soldiers, pieces of candy, holiday light bulbs and more. Volunteers will be given specific instructions in their acceptance letter as to what color clothing must be worn under each costume.

Grandstand Ambassador (ages 15 and up)

These volunteers greet the Parade’s special guests and the public at the grandstand seating area. Volunteers distribute materials and provide assistance in seating guests. This is a great way to volunteer your time and see the Parade too!

Grandstand Captain (ages 21 and up)

Each Grandstand Captain manages a section of the grandstands and is the key point of communication between Parade Staff, Security and the Grandstand Ambassadors.

Reserve Volunteer (ages 11 and up)

Reserve volunteers may be selected to wear a character costume during the Parade or an elf costume and join our final unit, Santa's Sleigh, on the Parade route. If you don’t have a specific area of interest, join the reserve force of volunteers. Reserve Volunteers are on hand to assist with last minute needs or to substitute for other scheduled volunteers. You are not given a specific task until parade day.

Individual Volunteers:

Every volunteer must complete a Volunteer Application! Volunteers will be awarded their requested assignment based on the date of the Application submission with priority given to earlier applicants. If you would like to request placement with another individual, please state the name(s) of those persons(s) on each application. The Volunteer Coordinator cannot guarantee dual placement, but will make a best effort to fulfill all volunteer requests.

Volunteer Groups:

Each individual volunteer must fill out an Application! Please indicate on each member's application the name of the group. The Volunteer Coordinator cannot guarantee that each member of an applicant group will be placed together, but will make a best effort to place groups together.

Volunteer Application

*Required Fields

Preferred Date of participation
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NOTE: If you would like to be a Balloon/Float/Unit Captain, Driver/Spotter, or Marshal, please email Katie Toney or call the Parade Office at (303) 295-6330 to learn more about Key Operations Volunteer opportunities and to receive a separate Key Volunteer application.

All Volunteers will be provided a costume or Parade sweatshirt to wear during their Parade assignment. THESE MUST BE WORN OVER YOUR CLOTHING AS YOUR OUTER MOST LAYER, SO PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR SIZE ACCORDINGLY.

general release

For Applicants 18 Years or Over

For Applicants UNDER 18 Years of Age

NOTE: If Parent/Guardian does not have an email address, a hard copy of the application will need to be submitted. Parent/Guardian will receive a confirmation email once application is submitted.
Applications are due on or before Monday, October 22, 2018

Please Return via Email: volunteers@denverparadeoflights.com or Mail:
Parade of Lights
1515 Arapahoe Street, Tower 3, Suite 100
Denver, CO 80202

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Contact Us

If you have questions regarding the Parade of Light Volunteer Program or if you are having trouble with completing the form, e-mail us at volunteers@denverparadeoflights.com or call (303) 295-6330.

If you are not able to fill out the application online, please click here to download a hard copy of the Volunteer Application.

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